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Who is who? Alexander, our Web & DB-developer

AlexanderHello, those who’re involved in our service closely! Get acquainted with another member of our team – our Web & DB-developer!

Name: Alexander

Age: 23

Hobbies: Rubik’s Cubes, fantasy, math, computers, logical problems, IQ-tests, cooking lasagna and pasta.




Favorite time-spending: working! And sleeping)

The singers he loves: The Killers, death cab for cutie, modest mouse, Franz Ferdinand

Favorite TV programs: The Big Bang Theory, House

Books: War and Peace, Crime and Punishment, The idiot

Favorite quotes:
- I was once normal.
- It’s overrated.
(c) The Lost Room

If you ever want to chat with Alexander, write him an email. If he’s not busy – he might respond!

Alexander’s so crazy about his work that he can code 24 hours a day without needing sleep… but then he needs another 24 hours to recover. An alarm clock would be pointless, because even an earthquake couldn’t wake him up. Alexander is a perfectionist. He loves pasta… but hates spaghetti code. He’s only happy when his code is optimized and debugged to the extreme. Alexander has a poster of Bjarne Stroustrup hanging in the most conspicuous spot in his home.

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