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Our dear users! Many of you are still asking us what happened. Well, the project is closed now, indeed. We are very sorry about it! We know you loved it a lot, so did we. Now our team is working in a totally new sphere. It was a tough decision to make for us. Thank you for your love and appreciation!

Get smarter with Talkoclock!


Probably you know what bilingual means or even have some friends who apart from their native language are able to speak one more fluently. Sometimes we become amazed by their ability to remember such big amounts of information or how quick they are in the uptake. They seem to know more, react quicker, and just seem smarter than others. Well, that’s true!

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Hilarious video about us!

Hey, guys!

We’ve had many new users registered yesterday. We wondered why and found the reason!

It turned out to be that we had this guy – MattG – among our users. He even shot a video about us! We are endlessly grateful to him for this review!

Check it out, it’s amazing!

5 Signs for you that It’s Time To sign up for English language courses.

Learn English!Do you speak English? Is your English good enough to speak to foreigners? Each day reading user’s abuses we come across a heap of complaints that your conversation partner wasn’t actually able to convers in proper English. So, is it fair that people who couldn’t say a word in English stated it as a spoken language on talkoclock? May it be this is your case? Check it out!

NB! This is a useful stuff even for native speakers!

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